Do I need to get an insurance?

We do offer a basic insurance for participants, but we strongly encourage you to purchase cancellation and interruption insurances, as well as an additional health insurance, to protect against financial loss from unforeseen accidents, illnesses and/or lost baggage issues.

How much money will the participant need?

No extra money is necessary for the camp development. We only recommend the participants to bring pocket money for soft drinks, souvenirs and other miscellaneous expenses.

Is any inoculation necessary?

No inoculations are required when coming to Spain from any European Union country, from the United Kingdom, from the USA or from Canada. Other regulations may apply when coming from other countries.

Do participants need a visa?

No visa is required for European Union, United Kingdom, USA or Canada passport holders for a stay up to three months. If you are not from the mentioned countries, please contact the Spanish Embassy in your country regarding visa requirements.

How does the airport transfer work? What if the arrival is after the set schedule?

All the participants will be picked up at the airport unless the contrary is specified by their family. In that case, there is a personal drop off option at the residence. We will need all the flight information at least two weeks before the event starts in order to organize airport transfers. There is a set schedule for the arrivals: if the flight lands or takes off late, an extra fee of 70€ will be charged.

How should an underage travel?

When you purchase the airline ticket, it is mandatory to specify to the airline that there will be an underage traveling alone and they will get you the details on what to do. There is an extra airline charge for this service. You must pay the full amount for the round trip.

We will facilitate all the necessary data on the adult who will pick up the participant at the airport so that all his information can be forwarded to the airline.

When and where will participants have to arrive and depart?

All participants will have to arrive and depart in the following dates:

  • Week 1: July 30 to August 5.
  • Week 2: August 6 to August 12.
  • Week 1+2: July 30 to August 12.

Arrivals and departures will be to and from Barcelona – El Prat Airport, from 8am to 2pm. Personal drop off/pick up will be available during this time: if the arrival or departure is out of this schedule, an extra fee of 70€ will be charged.

Is there any chance to meet the FC Barcelona players?

Although the FC Barcelona first team players will probably be training or working out in the Joan Gamper sports city during the Camp dates, no organized meeting has been planned. In case the Barça players come to visit the participants, campers will need to be absolutely respectful and behave orderly.

Is this a tryout from La Masia?

The Camp offers its participants the chance to see how the FC Barcelona youth and first teams train. It is NOT designed or run to recruit or scout players. The coaches are all FC Barcelona employees who keep looking for talent, but the Camp will not send players directly to the FC Barcelona youth system.

What is the player/coach ratio?

There will be an FC Barcelona coach for every 10 participants in the Camp.

Are parents allowed to visit the training sessions?

Parents can visit the training sessions only in a specific day, which will be previously assigned to attend to the training sessions, and they won’t be allowed to interfere in the process of the program. Due to FC Barcelona’s strict security policy, we will ask for personal information before the visiting date.

Where do participants get their lunch?

Lunch will be served at the residence or at the restaurant depending on the day schedule.

Are practice pitches made of natural or artificial turf?

The Camp will be held of artificial turf, so please remember to bring the correct boots.

How will the training groups be setted up on the first day?

Upon arrival, players will be split into age-based groups. Once the coaches get an idea of each player’s level and skills, they will shift them between groups to find the best fit for every participant.

Where do the training sessions be held?

All training sessions will be held at the FC Barcelona official training facility: the Joan Gamper sports city, located in the nearby town of Sant Joan Despí.

Is this an official FC Barcelona Camp?

Yes it is, we are officially licensed and authorized by FC Barcelona. For further information about the FC Barcelona Escola, please contact their offices at fcbescola@fcbarcelona.cat or visit the FC Barcelona official website.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

If a player books a place for the FCBarcelona Camp program but cancels it afterwards, the following policy will apply:

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • Before March 1st:  Refund of the deposit payment
  • Before May 31st: Refund of 50% of the deposit (375€) and balance payment.
  • Before June 30th: 50% of the full payment fee.
  • From June 30th: No refunds.

Cancellation notifications must be made via email to NARU Sports at info@fcbarcelonawomencamp.com. Cancellations will be made effective on the date when NARU Sports receives a written notification.

There will be no refunds for players who voluntarily cancel their stay when already at the Camp, regardless of the reason.

There will not be any refund for players who have been expelled due to the use of drugs or alcohol, to non-notifications of a serious medical condition, or to severe disobedience of the rules of the program. The decision of expelling a player is at the sole discretion of the NARU Sports and FC Barcelona Camp staff.

Where can I call in case of emergency?

In case you have an emergency and you need to contact us, you can call us at the office or the director at any time.

The Camp Director mobile phone number is send over to the participants when they formalize their registration. Otherwise, the NARU Sports offices can be contacted dialing (0034) 650 364 282.

What qualifications and checks do the Camp coaches and staff have?

All FCB Escola coaches and staff members are highly qualified and have been checked by the Spanish Ministry of Justice. The Camp is absolutely committed to the safety and welfare of all its participants and has a strict protection policy in place.

How will a participant’s misbehavior be managed?

All participants will have to respect the other participants and the Camp staff. They will have to follow the daily planning and the Camp rules which will be announced on the first day. Any serious misbehavior will be subject to an immediate expulsion. Parents or legal guardians will be notified and will have to purchase a return ticket right away.

Is any item forbidden at the camp?

Alcohol, tobacco and drugs of any kind are completely forbidden during the Camp. Any participant who tries to consume any of those substances will be immediately and irreversibly expelled of the event.

How can I contact the Camp staff?

The organization will provide all participants’ families with the Camp Director and Camp coordinator contact numbers so they can call them at any time. The organizers can also be contacted at NARU Sports’ headquarters dialing (0034) 650 364 282, Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.

When is the best time of the day to call the participants?

We strongly recommend to call during the participant’s daily free time, every evening from 7pm to 9pm CET.

Are cell phones allowed at all times during the Camp?

Cell phones must be left with the counselor during the Camp’s activities. The use of mobile phones, though, is allowed during the participants’ free time every evening.

Is there a public phone at the residence?

There is a public phone at the front desk area. Participants can call using a phone card. National calls to other Spanish numbers are free.

What languages will coaches and counselors speak?

All coaches and counselors in the Camp will speak both English and Spanish.

What other activities will there be besides training?

The Camp includes a wide range of touristic, cultural and sportive activities, including a daily workshop and night games. During the weekend, the Camp will feature day trips, stadium & museum tours and visits to the city, among others.

Are parents allowed to visit the residence during the camp?

Parents and family members can visit the participants at the residence under previous notice and in a specific schedule.

Where can participants leave their valuables?

We strongly recommend to all participants NOT to bring any valuable items to the Camp. However, in case of necessity the valuables can be left in a safe deposit box during the event.

Which meals are included and how do them work?

Participants will be served three meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) plus a snack every day. All meals will be specially cooked at the residence by their own chefs following healthy diets. Special meals can be accommodated on request (celiacs, sugar free, etc).

Is there free Internet access for the participants?

The residence has a computer room available for the participants and there is WiFi all around the building. Specific periods will be allotted every day for Internet use under counselor supervision.

Will bed sheets, pillows and towels be provided by the residence?

The residence will provide towels (changed twice a week), pillows and bed sheets (changed once a week) to all the Camp participants.

Is there a bathroom and a lavatory located in each bedroom of the residence?

Yes: every bedroom has its fully-equipped bathroom with a lavatory.

How is the accommodation? How will the rooms be assigned?

All participants will sleep in first-class double rooms, with en-suite bathrooms, to be shared with other Camp participants.

The rooms will be assigned according to the age group of every participant.


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